Pain relief, the natural way

The neck supports the head and allows for its movement.
Keeping it healthy is therefore vital.
Neck pain is a common occurrence today. Extended computer usage, poor posture, and lack of exercise are often to blame. The discomfort can vary from a mild muscular ache to pain so severe that it interferes with your life. What might start as aching, stiff, and tired shoulder muscles can worsen if left untreated. When the vertebral joints in both the neck and back stop working properly, they can affect the discs, nerves, and muscles in the neck.
Some common reasons for neck pain could be:

  • Injury – from accidents and falls.
  • Postural changes due to excessive use of mobile phones, working on laptops while lying in bed, and other habits that encourage repetitive faulty postures.
  • Spinal degeneration (wear and tear, arthritis) and some rare medical conditions.

How we help

Chiropractic care can correct some of these issues that stem from our bad habits, in a non-invasive manner. When followed along with the exercise program given by our chiropractors, it can help reduce fatigue and increase your energy levels.

Don’t ignore your neck pain. The longer you put up with the pain without finding the cause, the more you risk causing permanent damage to the discs in your neck.
Book an appointment with us and take the first step towards a healthier life.