Therapeutic massages offered by qualified practitioners

At our clinic, we offer remedial massages – full body massages that can include trigger point therapy, sports massage, and myo-fascial release.

Remedial massage

A remedial massage locates and repairs the damage caused to muscles and tendons. It helps you by:

  • Stimulating the blood supply, which allows toxins in the muscles to be removed.
  • Calming the peripheral nervous system, to ease pain and discomfort.
  • Toning and relaxing the muscles to improve joint mobility.
  • Easing stiffness and tension.


This form of therapy uses the following techniques to ease muscle tensions (known as knots).

  • Dry needling. This involves inserting fine needles into myo-fascial trigger points, to deactivate these points, decrease pain, and restore muscle function. At our clinic, a qualified Myotherapist performs dry needling, ensuring your safety and comfort. The process involves little to no pain for the patient.
  • In this technique, which may be incorporated into your treatment, a Myotherapist uses a vacuum pumped cup to mobilize and stretch the tissue and muscles.
Our clinic offers a wide range of massages, including remedial, deep tissue, sports-related, relaxation, pregnancy, and Swedish massage. At the beginning of a session, our therapists will assess your requirements and make note of your health conditions, to ensure you gain the most out of your time with us.
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