Personalised care for injuries

Chiropractic techniques relieve inflammation and pain, help your body heal, and even improve its physical function.
At our clinic, we often see people who suffer from numerous conditions caused due to Injury.
  • Car accidents. Injuries from car accidents are some of the most severe ones we encounter. The force inflicted on your body from even the smallest bump can be extremely damaging to the spine, the extremities, and your overall health. We can work with you to repair the damage caused and get you functioning at your best again.
  •  Sports injuries. With sport comes the risk of injury whether through sudden impact, slips, or fall, or more commonly through repetitive training schedules. So, whether it’s an injury from pushing yourself a little too far, tripping, or poor technique or posture, our treatment plans are aimed at getting you back to your physical regime.
  • Slips and falls. We often forget the small bumps and falls experienced over the years. However, if left untreated over time, they could morph into a bigger challenge. Your body’s overcompensation for a niggling pain can lead to spinal dysfunction, which blocks the flow of information to and from the central nervous system, limiting your body’s ability to self heal.
  • Work injuries. People sustain injuries at work, either through accidents, repeated strain, or from sitting at computers for long periods. We help prevent such injuries, offer treatment where necessary, guide you on how to avoid re-injury, and restore your health.

How we help

Regardless of the situation or cause, at Glen Iris Chiropractic, we offer customised solutions for your rehabilitation, based on natural, effective, chiropractic care.

We don’t just address injuries and offer rehabilitation programs. We also offer advice to prevent injuries and keep your body functioning at its best.
Book an appointment with us and take the first step towards a healthier life.