What would it mean for us to look at chiropractic care from a preventive lens?

A myth to dispel about chiropractic care is that prevention of injuries is for people whose bodies experience rigorous strain. Says Dr. James Giles from Glen Iris Clinic, “Clinical care has always been seen as something for those with Private Health Insurance or athletes. But a majority of patients that attend clinics are looking for physical maintenance to help keep them free of aches and pains.” That’s all of us.

Only when we feel that crick in our neck more intensely or experience a sore back when getting up from our beds, do we head to a chiropractic center. But, this means that an injury has permeated far enough to cause significant discomfort. We’re here to advocate for chiropractic care on a routine basis.

Why? Chiropractic care is centered around musculoskeletal health, especially the spine, which connects a large part of the peripheral nervous system to the brain. Even minor injuries to the spine can alter a body’s strength, sensation, and performance. And you’d be surprised at how easy it is to injure the spine. Lifting sudden weights, change in workouts, or sitting all day can shift our vertebrae. So, we need to keep adjusting it or correcting it on a routine basis, with a chiropractor.

Here are more compelling reasons to consider:

  • Prevent pain from becoming chronic. Observations from Dr. Giles’ years of practice show that the most common complaint from patients is typically a tight and sore back, neck, or shoulders. And this is often from being seated at a desk for long hours, usually with poor posture. If unchecked, this turns into chronic pain as a result of injury to the spine, which can be debilitating. A chiropractor releases this pain through safe spinal manipulations that allow immediate relief and long-term adjustments.
  • Strengthen your immunity. The nervous system is intricately connected to our immune system, as they together maintain the body’s optimal balance. The former relays information to the brain from the entire body and directly influences receptors in the immune system. Studies show more antibodies in the immune system following a chiropractic adjustment, and patients have reported faster recovery from ailments. Who doesn’t want it?
  • Gain better mental health. Chiropractic adjustments regulate the hormones in our body, by decreasing the production of cortisol. What does this mean? High cortisol levels are associated with high stress. The more stressed we get, the more our adrenal glands pump out cortisol. Spinal manipulations cap this, while also increasing dopamine, which is the feel-good hormone. This combination of less cortisol and more dopamine helps manage mood disorders like anxiety and depression.

Given the range of positive impacts, it is worth visiting your chiropractic center more often. Says Dr. Giles, “Look at receiving treatment from a practitioner of any modality as a reward for yourself for working hard at your job.” You deserve it!


Photo by Jesper Aggergaard on Unsplash

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