Glen Iris Chiro

Dr. Andrew Cordeiro

B. App. Sc (ClinSci), B.C.Sc (Chiro), B.App.Sc (Med. Rad.)

Andrew, Chiropractor by profession has been practicing for over 17 years. He started his academic career studying Medical Radiography followed by a double degree in chiropractic at RMIT. He is a passionate professional focused on a more holistic approach to health. He advocates a combination of mental and physical well-being coupled with a balanced diet and regular exercise. Andrew has always maintained that every child should see a Chiropractor at some point as problems detected early on are easier to correct thereby ensuring the individual a better quality of life. When not in the clinic you will find Andrew spending time at home with his wife and 3 children, riding his bike or playing squash.

Michael Maedher

Dr. Michael Maeder

B. App. Sc(Comp Medicine), Masters of Clinical Chiropractic

Michael has always been a sports enthusiast; be it football, athletics, squash and more recently as a runner, cyclist & tri-athlete. This interest and the occasional injury led Michael into the Chiropractic domain which helped him understand the complex human body better and focus on the body functioning correctly.

Since graduating he has completed additional studies that include :

  • Applied Kinesiology (AK Certified)
  • Integrative Neuro-immunology
  • Neuro Impulse Protocol (NIP)
  • Sacro-occipital Technique (SOT)
Phillipa Dudley

Phillipa Dudley

Pip Dudley is qualified in myotherapy and remedial massage and has been working at Glen Iris Chiropractic for 4 years. Using techniques including trigger point therapy, myofascial release, muscle energy technique, stretching, deep tissue massage she is competent in treating a range of conditions and relieving pain.

Where conventional techniques are not achieving their aim, Pip is experienced and qualified in dry needling, also known as myofascial trigger point dry needling. Dry needling is an extremely effective treatment for relaxing overactive muscles which contain active trigger points.

Michael Maedher

Dr. Charlotte Anderson

B.Science(Chiro), M.Clinical.Chiropractic

Charlotte is a keen athlete and healthy cooking enthusiast. As well as being a passionate chiropractor she is also a huge believer in the benefits of good nutrition and exercise rehabilitation. Having pursued a career in chiropractic after her own positive experience she has since enjoyed sharing it’s benefits with many families, children, pregnant woman and sporting enthusiasts alike. With a holistic approach to care she believes everything starts with a correctly functioning spine and nervous system. Charlotte is also trained in the art of dry needling, which can be used as an adjunct to care.